Jennifer. Here it is. Probably way too many photos but I can’t tell you how many I resisted!!  If it’s too many, feel free to cull. 

Have a wonderful vacation. I am so glad you are getting away for a time.
Marigold, now 3 ½,  joined my Gang of 3 (Samoyed, Standard Poodle, and Cavapoo) in November 2019.  I was too far down Pinewood’s wait list when the time was right for me to bring a new puppy into my life, so Heidi came from another breeder in Washington.  But I told Jennifer to keep me on her list ‘just in case’ (famous last words), as I was hoping for one of her Blenheim girls.  The stars aligned 9 mos after I brought Heidi home when Jennifer called and said she had a Blenheim girl for me.  So the Gang of 3 became the Gang of 4.  I still call Marigold “Little One” even though she tops the scales at 24 lbs. She has the body—and appetite—of a Cavalier, as well as the Cavalier sweetness.  But her face screams Poodle, and she naturally retrieves like a poodle, dropping the toy at my feet.  She is also part cat—stealing all the cat toys, not to mention the food.
From the beginning, she was the ‘easy child’.  She took the 15-hour trip from the West Coast to Nantucket in stride, and settled in as if she had always lived here.  Loving, sweet, naturally obedient, and a kiss-a-holic, she is just a joy to be around. She’s one of these creatures that just goes with the flow and never complains (unlike her alpha sister!). During the week she enjoys her pack walks/play groups, and when we leave the island once a month for a 7-hour journey (think taxi ride, boat ride, long car ride), she settles right in and is as good as gold.  Having said all that, I call her my Devil in Disguise because she is very sneaky, especially when it comes to finding cat food or other tasty, forbidden morsels.  She loves the Big Boys and her Cavapoo sister, and the only sibling rivalry I see is whenever we are loving up one of the others, she sticks her face right in…ME! ME!  ME!  She especially loves my husband, who adores her (even though he pronounced me insane when I suggested adding her to the pack)—the two of them are a bonded pair.”


“I am really a cat”—playing inside the cats’ mouse-house and having fun teasing Big Sister (who can’t fit) (10 weeks old)

Puppy Marigold patiently waiting for Mom to finish work

The Devil in Disguise

Daddy’s Little Girl

The “Gang of 4”

Sisterly love on the ferry

In the weeds


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