We always love hearing how are couch potato adults are doing in their new homes! It’s harder for us to say good-bye to an adult we’ve raised and loved. But when I get updates like this, it makes things a bit easier for my heart!

(We have too many adult boys around here, so we decided to let Niko go. Rumor (a mini Poodle) is also still available).

Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to give you a Niko update…he is living his best life! 
He is the biggest love bug ever! He went on his first camping trip a few weeks ago and loved it! He loves his sister Maggie and is a wonderful playmate for her! 
We’ve been working with a trainer to help him build some confidence and he’s so smart and a quick learner!! 
He has been such a wonderful addition to our family any we are totally in love with him!! He is just what I’ve needed in my moments of grief after losing my sister…he totally knows when I’m sad and is my little therapy dog!! Thank you again for raising such an amazing boy! 


Tracy, Michael, Maggie and Niko




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