“Hi Jennifer,
  We are only a few weeks from our gotcha date for our sweet Cammi it seems a good time for an update. 
  Cammi (aka Sonata from Lyrics first litter).  At 2 yrs Cammi is 10.5 pounds of wonder. She loves to help Dad out in the yard, she is really good at helping him dig holes, planting not so much 🤣🤣
 Her favorite things (other than people) are her Snuggle puppy, her blanket from you and her toy we call Rat.
 Her nick name is Monkey because we are always finding her climbing on things.
She sleeps in her kennel, often going in on her own at bed time, always takes puppy with her.
We love love her so very much, everyday she makes us laugh and smile.  
Thank you for all the work you do to bring us such wonderful family members❤
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