Hi Jennifer,
Tux (fomerly Lambert from the Law Enforcement litter from January 2019) is now 4 years old! He is so friendly and social – loves everyone (people and other animals), loves to snuggle, loves to go on walks and to play. He is the sweetest boy ever and is so very loved and spoiled! We often take him places when we can – the kids’ soccer games, baseball games, walks during their practices, family gatherings, etc. He just enjoys being with his people, but not so much being alone….I mostly work from home so that is really helpful when we have busy evenings and do have to leave him. He is definitely motivated by treats and knows several commands/tricks – sit, down, shake, roll over, spin, stay, etc. We’re still working on leave it (wink), he enjoys socks and underwear so we have to be really careful about leaving items on floors or doors open where he can get to them. That is small potatoes compared to how big our hearts swell for this little guy. We love him so much!
The “C” Family


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4 Responses to Pupdate~Tux

  1. Kim says:

    Tux is beautiful! He looks so much like our girl Cookie (profiled a few posts ago)…Loved reading your post!❤️

  2. Katharine Harding says:

    Tux would surely be friends with Shadow! Firstly they look so much alike and Tux was a name on our list! Shadow also likes “stealing” socks, underwear, and napkins from laps—everything in our house is up a level out of his reach. He’ll be 1 on August 5th. He’s going to be “tutored”(aka neutered) on July 25th.
    We adore him and his older brother Toby!

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