Hi Jennifer

Pupdate!  Herschel (fka Chord) is fast approaching his 2 year adoption anniversary. It’s easy to remember because it’s right around Father’s Day. Our little bundle of joy topped out at 23lbs at his last checkup. His favorite things are food, dirt, naps, his buddy Orion (also a cavapoo), his humans, and long walks anywhere; forest, beach, sidewalks. His least favorite things are baths and brushing, mostly because of the amount of dirt and hubris he collects in his fur and tail.

Much love to Jennifer and Pinewood for allowing Herschel to join our family. We’re looking forward to pupdates from his siblings.

~Pamela and Steve

Now June 2, 2023 and Then June 20, 2021


Orion & Herschel on “their” couch that they sometimes share with us.

Herschel was Chord from the musical litter of Lyric & Dickens. Brother to Cammi (Sonata) which another recently pupdate post, and to our Indy. ❤️

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  1. Dee says:

    Those are 2 cuties. 🥰

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