Let’s celebrate

They may be a day “late” but we’re celebrating anyway! Poppy safely delivered her “almost” Independence Day puppies on July 5th. Proud papa is Sundae our handsome cream parti Poodle.

Poppy ❤️Sundae

Poppy is a big-bodied girl and she was BIG. I was scared she had seven or eight puppies in there! But instead she was just hiding five big, chunky puppies! Five is a much more manageable litter size. The pups have been eating and gaining weight since mom delivered them into the world. There are three girls and two boys; four that look like dad and one that looks like mom!

We will be matching these puppies with families from our waiting list (if you’re not already on our list there is time to fill out our Puppy Applications and get on it) on Sunday, August 13th. Puppies will be going home Sunday, September 3rd. ❤️

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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    Hooray! We’ve missed seeing puppy pictures!
    The updates and photos of Italy have been just as fun to see.

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