“Hi Jennifer,

I appreciate your blog and wanted to send you an update regarding Caleb (Taco from the Cinco de Mayo litter). I’ve had wonderful dogs throughout my life, but Caleb is the best of the best! He is 3 years now, and is enjoying a great life. He has daily, weekday off-leash forest adventures with a wonderful pack of dogs. He’s a great cuddler, a great friend, and complete sweet. He is great with babies and is always up for an adventure. I am so grateful that he is part of the family. I’m included photos of him with his pack (Caleb is in red).”


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  1. Dee says:

    Caleb looks like a sweet little guy. 😊 His off leash group adventure sounds fun and Caleb definitely looks like he’s having a great time. He’s also very handsome when he’s all cleaned up and fluffed. 😁 Your Caleb reminds me of my little fur guy who will be 6 this year. I agree with everything you’ve said about how wonderful this breed is. I feel blessed everyday to have such an amazing fur companion. 🥰

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