Hi Jennifer!
Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day holiday and are doing well. Here’s an update on Norman from the Nov 2022 “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” litter.
The first thing you told me about (and I immediately heard) as soon as you put Norman in my arms was his little croaking / groaning. He is still very “chatty” and always lets out a little groan (or maybe even an excited bark) for just about every activity.
Overall he is a fantastic dog – he loves every person and animal he meets! He can be very outgoing but still has his tentative moments when encountering anything new. We like to say, he’s shy until he’s not. At our puppy play group he was known as a reliable “party starter” and we even discovered that one of the other owners from the class lives just up the street so we’ve been able to find him a puppy playmate nearby.

He also gets along great with our older dog, Daisy who is 6 years old. She tends to be more reserved so there is definitely a “little brother” dynamic given he’s still in puppy mode but they do seem to enjoy having the other around. They are both great snugglers so our biggest challenge is making sure there is an open lap or warm body to cozy up to for nap time.


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  1. Dee says:

    They’re both adorable! 🥰

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