Hi Jennifer!

All is going well with our trio of dogs! Sweetie (Snow White) and Teddy (Cheddar) have become fast friends, giving our 12yr old Oscar a well-deserved break 😁Teddy will play with Sweetie for hours on end, and both the older boys have shown Sweetie how to ring the bell to go into the backyard. Sweetie LOVES taking Teddy’s bully sticks, especially the big ones, while Teddy takes her tiny toys – typical sibling stuff πŸ˜‚The best is when they snuggle up on the couch – that is everyone’s favorite time. Sort of like bunk beds 😍

Sweetie was Snow White from our Disney Princess litter from Indy & Bonus. Her big “brother” Teddy was Cheddar from the cheese litter (parents; Gracie & Clancy)

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  1. Pam Hartsoch says:

    Jasmine sends love to her sister!!πŸ’—

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