The opposite

Sally has been staying home through her pregnancy. Her “mom” was gone visiting their newest grand baby and her “dad” was home alone and wanted Sally to stay as long as possible so he could have company. But I gave him a job to do if Sally was to stay with him; and that was to take her temperature twice a day and text me the number. And to let me know if she starting acting any different (restless, nesting, etc).

Well, her temperature dropped Saturday night so he brought her down late. (For those who don’t know a dog’s temperature will normally make a drastic drop about 12-24 hours before whelping). I expected her to do something on Sunday, but instead she just rested quietly in her crate. Which gave me the opportunity to attend a baby shower that day that I had been invited to. I kept the camera on her crate and checked on her frequently, plus hubby was home to watch her.

Sunday night we all went to bed. I was expecting something to happen, but Sally slept. I heard her digging around once or twice and peeked on the camera app to see if she was doing anything. It was so nice not to have to get off the couch to check her even it was just a few feet away. ;P Then she woke me about 4:00 am needing to go outside for a few minutes.

She came back in, went back in her crate and I laid down and dozed off. I was awakened around 5:00 by the cries of a newborn puppy. It was still wet but mom had done her job of delivering and cleaning the baby.

I was awake now and relaxed on the couch and listened for any licking, crying or movement from Sally’s crate. She settled into a quiet routine delivering puppies and by 6:45 she had delivered her fourth and final puppy! What a good mom!

And low-and-behold, she had the opposite of last time! Her previous litter was three apricot and one black and tan. This litter she produced one apricot and three black and tan! I was hoping for more black and tan in this litter. They’re just such striking puppies! And all four are girls!

And the special delivery came on Sally’s owner’s anniversary! I think I might have to let them come up with names for this litter. 😉

Mama Sally is a Cavapoo and daddy Bonus is a mini Poodle so this litter is an F1b Cavapoo litter. If you have gone through the application process and are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in this litter, please email me to be added to the litter list. We will be matching the pups either August 20th or 27th and they will be going home either September 10th or 17th (I’m still deciding). ❤️

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