Pupdate~ Ziggy

Hi Jennifer!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Ziggy, formerly Sven, from the Viking litter. He’s been an amazing addition to our family and has become the adorable young brother to our boys. Can you believe he’ll be 5 months old soon?

Ziggy is growing healthy and big. We’ve been following our vet’s puppy program for vaccines and such, and he checks all the marks. We’ve had a few minor puppy incidents like bee stings and soft stools, but nothing serious. He is growing bigger everyday and now weighs almost 20 lb. People often mistake him for a cockapoo or goldendoodle puppy ;). Recently, he lost two baby teeth, and his love for bully sticks has slowed down a bit – but wait, he is now going at it again as I write this. He loves bully sticks.

Temperament-wise, he’s social, affectionate, and confident, which is just wonderful. He enjoys meeting people and other dogs, and we’ve taken him everywhere during his socialization window weeks. He’s been to coffee shops, picked up the kids from school, visited neighbors, a local nursery, and had playdates with other dogs. He also loved the puppy kindergarten classes, and we are thinking of taking him to a series of “teen” classes this summer. When he plays with other dogs, he does so with great confidence, which has impressed several dog trainers. He’s also become accustomed to various noises and sounds like garbage trucks, ambulances, kids screaming at the park, our kids singing impromptu songs about him, and even our noisy blender. He’s a resilient puppy!

Ziggy’s favorite activity, other than the obvious walks, is playing with balls. He loves playing fetch and a game we call “catch & roll.” If we roll a ball to him, he stops it with his paws and rolls it back to us. He also entertains himself by dropping a bouncy ball and pouncing on it repeatedly. He’s a smart and fun dog!

Ziggy has brought so much joy to our lives and has already found a special place in our hearts. We feel incredibly lucky to have him as part of our family. Thank you for raising such a wonderful puppy!

Take care,
– Kay & Ziggy’s family

Ziggy was Sven from our Viking litter. Parents are Sasha and Dickens.

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