Guess what?

We have more puppies!

They weren’t actually planned, but when you have a promiscuous, sneaky, fence-climbing Poodle who went adventuring on her own, things happen!

We had several girls come in season before we went on our vacation and I purposefully skipped breeding some. I planned on just breeding Poppy and Sally for our two current litters of Cavapoos. Two litters at a time is plenty of work for me (even though they are two weeks apart so at different developmental and growth stages).

But about a week after we got home, I picked Sasha up one day and she felt “different”. Oh no! :O That little hussy!

And since I didn’t see the deed actually happen my bet for “father of the year” was the other fence-climbing Poodle, Sundae! (Please don’t beat me up for this “mistake”. I work really hard to keep track of the fence-climbers and when each girl comes in season to keep them safe, but I’m human and things happen).

Well, last Tuesday we ended up at the vet for a check-up because Sasha just wasn’t herself. Although her temperature hadn’t done the big drop yet, which happens about 12-18 hours before whelping. The first step was to get an x-ray. The doctor pointed out one puppy who was crosswise blocking the “exit”. Next she did a thorough exam and then on to an ultrasound to check heartbeats. The “blocker” puppy’s was lower. So it was decided to go ahead with a C-section for the safety of mom and babies.

Sasha was prepped for surgery and wheeled into the operating room. Staff were readied to be puppy catchers. Since puppies don’t get the stimulation going through the birth canal with a C-section, then they need to be worked on, rubbed, suctioned, etc much more than with a normal birth to get them “awake” and breathing well.

And when the doctor made her incision and got into the uterus and pulled the first black puppy out, I knew who the father was. CODY!!!! That little stinker!!

So folks we have seven, black AUSSIEDOODLES!! Actually, I think there are at least two black and tan ones. At this age it’s hard to see the tan if it’s a dark brown. We have five girls and two boys. I’m crossing my fingers that some will have their father’s icy blue eyes. Most of them have a little blip of white on the chest or throat and at least one has some white toe-tips.

The first week has been a bit stressful as Sasha is never a good eater through pregnancy so she came out of it thin. Most moms just graze on the puppy kibble that I keep in front of them all the time, but not Sasha. Shasha is getting a cruise ship all-you-can-eat, whatever-you-want kind of buffet. With me as her head chef trying to entice her with every yummy thing I can think. We’ve gone through the gamut of canned puppy food, Kefir, probiotic cheese, scrambled eggs, canned puppy food, frozen raw nuggets, cottage cheese, bone broth, puppy pudding or whatever else I think she might like. The trouble has been that  she would eat something one time, then the next meal the same thing wasn’t satisfactory for her palate. Thankfully, she’s coming around and her appetite is improving.

And the pups lost a significant amount of weight in the first twenty-four hours as mom’s milk was coming in. I had to supplement them a bit for the first couple of days and then they started gaining. They’re doing well now. They’ve gone from birth weights ranging from ….-…. to now at one week of age weighing ….-…..

One week old❤️

So we have Aussiedoodles available! Please spread the word, share with your friends and let me know if you’re interested in one. I can only guess what size they will mature to, but likely in the 15-25 lb range. But whatever size they end up, they should be fun dogs, intelligent, energetic, and great for active families and singles.

Parents have regular health and genetic testing done and they will be raised with much love and attention as all our puppies are, but these guys will be “discounted” since I don’t have a waiting list for this “breed”.  Some of you on my list waiting for black Cavapoo puppies may want to check these pups out instead. Please email me at if you are seriously interested!





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  1. Jerda Antoinette Smeltzer says:

    Aussiedoodles!!! Yes, please! What an incredible combo. A bit of a finger wag to those fence climbers, but also a nod of gratitude. Am excited to see them to them “take shape” and develop personalities.

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