I can’t stand it

I mean really?! This is just some serious cuteness!

Look at Poppy’s four-week-old puppies. *heart melting*

“Stars”(male/green collar)

3# 1 0z

“Independence”~(female/purple collar)

2# 14 oz

“America”~(female/orange collar)

3# 1 oz

“Freedom”~(female/pink collar)

2# 15 oz

“Stripes”~(male/red collar)

2# 15 oz

And the grand finale from our portrait session!

All of these puppies are doing amazing. They are sweet, soft and cuddly and don’t mind my numerous kisses that I plant on their sweet faces. They are doing well using the litter box. In fact, in the next few days I will probably introduce them to the step-up litter box with the pellets.

This is my trick to keeping this letterbox smelling fresh. At this age the pups are peeing a lot and can add some liquid to that tray. So after washing it, I sprinkle on some baking soda and a few drops of Lavender essential oil. So helpful!

They all got their parachord collars switched over to regular collars and very patiently had their tiny toenails trimmed again. It helps to do that when they’re sleepy. Pretty soon they’ll be interacting more and we can start getting some videos to share. Start tuned!


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