Switching things up

Yep, it is time to switch Poppy’s puppies to the regular litter box. They needed the change as I can’t keep up with the amount of urine they are putting out even changing the box twice a day. Thankfully, from 0-4 weeks (approximately) mom takes care of the other nasty part. (Sorry for sharing that tidbit 😛 ) With the new box there is now a layer of pine pellets on the bottom to absorb the liquid waste. And when they do little poops it can easily be scooped out with a cat litter scoop.

I like to get them introduced to this new litter box while they are in the smaller puppy pen. Soon they’ll be moving upstairs to the puppy room and a bigger puppy pen. I like to know that they understand this new litter box before we move them to a bigger space.


And now, I’ll switch from the fluffy bed to a fuzzy blanket. The pellets (that get knocked out of the litter box) are really hard to get out of the beds. But the shake off they blankets easily.

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  1. Vicki says:

    It is funny that they think their new pellet filled litter box becomes a cool place to chill out.

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