Chef Wood

My chef duties start early as Sasha requires a prompt breakfast! Mind you, she has a bowl of puppy kibble in front of her 24/7.

Thankfully Poppy and Sally are least demanding clientele happily munching on their kibble throughout the day and night, patiently waiting for their twice a day supplements and whatever extra tasty treat I might offer.

Sasha has of late has been asking for one half can of canned puppy food, (she prefers it at room temperature), two lightly scrambled farm fresh eggs to which we add a heaping spoonful of probiotic cottage cheese which is then gently folded in. And finished off with a dollop of puppy pudding on the side. (The puppy pudding should actually be called mama’s pudding as its a homemade high calorie, high protein custard that mom’s get after whelping).

She also prefers her calcium and NuVet supplements to be placed on top of the kibble and not mixed in with her chef’s meal.

And that’s just the start of my day….heehee

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