Well, that’s sweet

Sally and Bonus’s girls are three weeks old today. They are all doing well and just as cute as can be. Yesterday when I was taking care of all the pups while moms were outside on a potty break, one of Sally’s puppies crawled out of the big crate and pooped on the living room floor! Pretty amazing for not quite three week old puppies that aren’t that big. She obviously didn’t want to soil her bed. So it’s about time we moved them to a puppy pen with their first litter box. Although they might be a little lost in a space that large at first, they’ll soon get used to it.

And we have names!

Since Sally belongs to my sister-in-law, and the pups were born on she and her husband’s anniversary, I thought it would be nice for her to come up with the theme and names. She went with terms of endearment which makes perfect sense!

So here are our little sweethearts <3

“Honey”~apricot (red collar)

2# 5 oz @ 3 weeks

“Lovey”~black and tan (purple collar)

2# 2oz @ 3 weeks

“Sweetie”~black and tan (pink collar)

1# 11 oz @ 3 weeks

“Babe”~black and tan (yellow collar)

2# @ 3 weeks

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