Another week

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two weeks since that crazy, busy day at the vet’s when Sasha delivered (via C-section) her seven, surprise Aussiedoodles! They are all doing well; growing and gaining. I can’t wait until their eyes open. There should be a lot of change just within this next week when their eyes open and we do individual pictures.

They are all similar in size except the orange collar girl who is definitely bigger and chunkier! It will be interesting to see the differences in size, coats and eye color as they grow and mature.

Sasha is doing great too. Chowing down as much food as I put in front of her. Well, all the good stuff at least. The puppy food is only slowly disappearing in her bowl, but everything else she pretty much cleans up. So she gets “fresh” food three to four times a day.

I’m sorry the pictures aren’t that great this week. Black dogs are difficult to photograph, especially indoors. Plus they need to hold still for the camera to focus, neither were options since they are too young to take outside for pics and all they wanted to do was pile on top of each other! I’m looking forward to hopefully better pictures next week.

If you’re interested in one of these darlings, please shoot me an email for more info at Since we don’t normally have this breed available we don’t have a waiting list so we are taking applications and names of those who are interested. And thankfully, we have some interest already!

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