Upstairs, downstairs

Poppy’s puppies have been enjoying their play area in the living room and hanging out with mom in the puppy play pen. But they are outgrowing it!

And we have an escape artist! I was cleaning while they were playing and I turned around to find only four puppies in the play area.

I thought it was fitting that the puppy who gained their freedom from the pen was in fact, Freedom.

And she walked confidently over to say hello to the adult dogs in the dining room.

This is where she got out. The Iris pen is just up against the cabinet so it’s easy to push away.

But it was time to move them upstairs where they’ll have a bigger playpen, more litter box access, a crate to start napping in and more play area. Plus we have all kinds of fun toys, obstacles and things to do up there.

This morning I introduced them to Dalton the Storytelling Dragon (videos on our YouTube channel) and Crackin Up Coco, the wiggly, noisy monkey. They were very interested in both of them!

Taking the pups away from the litter for some one-on-one time is important part of puppy socializing and training.

Journey says, “I smush my cute face against your cute puppy face!”

All the pups are in the same weight range; the smallest at 3# 8 oz is Independence and the largest two are Stars and America at 3# 13 oz with Freedom and Stripes weighting in at 3# 9oz. So they’re a pretty even sized litter at this point.

Right now, Freedom seems to be the most outgoing, happy-go-lucky, adventurer. And I would place Independence at the opposite end of the scale and the others in between. Usually within each litter we have the most adventurous one, bold, brave and outgoing, the leader. On the opposite end we have the more cautious pup, who some might call “shy” but I would call them observant and a bit more cautious. They just like to sit and observe things before they jump in and try something new. Then the rest fall into the middle of the pack, somewhere in between those two personalities. But honestly, by eight weeks if you watch all of these puppies playing together you will not see a big difference in their activity level of personalities like we see at this age. And puppies a lot of the time tend to take on the energy and activity level of their families. <3

And this is my current list of names of those interested in being matched with Poppy’s puppies in the order I will be calling on Sunday. If you are on our waiting list and interested in this litter and don’t see your name on the list, please shoot me an email before tomorrow at noon. Thanks so much!

*Lauren J

*Jerda S

*Emily S

*Megan K

*Linda C



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    You take such good care of your lucky puppies!💗

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