It’s almost time

In just a few more days we’ll be matching Poppy’s puppies with their forever families! Such exciting times. And so fun to watch them grow, develop and spread their wings as they get more adventurous. I’m trying to take notes during playtimes so I can post (probably Friday) on what I’ve observed of their personalities to make matching easier for our families. And I’ve been taking videos, which I just need to watermark, then upload to our YouTube channel for those interested. (

But for now, please enjoy this adorable five-week-old pictures!

“Stars” (green collar-male)

3# 13 oz

“Independence” (purple collar-female)

3# 8 oz

“America” (orange collar-female)

3# 13 oz

“Freedom” (pink collar-female)

3# 9 oz

“Stripes” (red collar-male)

3# 9 oz


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