Learning and playing

Poppy’s puppies are enjoying playtime more and more. Although they still love being with their mom!

They have a little play area outside of their puppy pen in the puppy room. As they get bigger and I’m confident they will use their litter boxes in a bigger area, then we’ll expand the play area. Right now they’re doing really well using their boxes!

They haven’t been outside yet, but I probably will take them for their first outdoor excursion sometime this week. And between now and when they go home, we’ll work on going potty outside too.

In the play area, I like to switch up the toys and things so they experience new sights, sounds, textures and such. Today we have a couple different plastic bath mats with funny, bumpy surfaces, a metal grate and a couple turtles stepping “stones”. I set up the small tunnel, which America promptly walked through. I have a toy with hanging, clanking, noisy things hanging from it. And they tried the ramp out for the first time and all managed it like old timers. At this age, I like to use “Snuggles the snake” as a cushion around the ramp. That way, in their first attempts if they happen to fall off the side of the ramp, they land on a soft cushion. There are other smaller toys, some noisy, some soft and a big red, rubber ball to push around.

They’re having a grand time!

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  1. Vicki says:

    Now that my Pinewood pup “Willow” is one year old it is fun to watch your posts of new puppies. Thank you. A little disappointed that more of Willow’s littermates haven’t posted updates. Understand everyone is busy with their lives. Just would like to compare.

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