Little F1b girls

Sally’s F1b Cavapoos are four weeks old and they are still little girls. So many people now-a-days want a smaller Cavapoos, so if you’re interested, please reach out to me soon! ( Our waiting list is open and we are accepting applications. I currently only have one person from my waiting list on Sally’s litter list for matching. And of course, if you’ve already gone through the application process and are on our Cavapoo waiting list and are interested please let me know! There’s still time to get on the list and you have top priority.

They are doing so well with their litter box, that I switched them from the UGOdog commercial litter box system to our normal one which is basically a Sterilite or Rubbermaid plastic box (with the side cut down for easy access at this stage) and a layer of wood pellets in the bottom.

Breakfast is served!

The pellets we use are just pine pellets made to burn in a pellet stove. They are readily available at places like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, North 40 or your local farm/feed store. You’ll pay about $7 for 40 lbs there. You’re alternative is a pet store where the same type product will be about $20-25 for a 20 lb bag!

To clean the litter box, I just use a kitty litter scoop to scoop out the poop. Once the puppies urinate on the pellets they disintegrate into sawdust. To clean the sawdust out you can again use the kitty litter scoop to scoop up a scoopful of pellets (that’s a lot of “scoops”) and shake to get the sawdust to fall through the scoop slats. Then place the solid pellets that you’ve shifted into another container. Continue until you’ve scooped and sifted the whole box. You will be left with a layer of sawdust at the bottom of the box that you can then dispose of. Rinse or wipe the box out as needed and add your whole pellets back into the box. Add a few more if needed. I just have a thin layer on the bottom. You don’t want inches of pellets in the box or it will take you all day to shift through and clean it!

But I digress….

Here are our little cute girls in their four-week-old portraits. Aren’t they just adorable?!


2# 13 oz

“Lovey” (purple collar)

2# 8 oz

“Sweetie” (pink collar)

2# 1 oz

“Babe” (yellow collar)

2# 5 oz

And for those not familiar with the F1 vs F1b, here’s some info. (There are other generational crosses, but we only breed F1 and F1b.) And F1 Cavapoo is “first generation” with a purebred Cavalier parent and purebred Poodle parent. And it doesn’t matter which parent is which breed. And F1b is when an F1 Cavapoo is bred to a purebred Poodle, making those puppies F1b. Some breeders might breed an F1 back to a Cavalier instead, but to me that defeats the purpose of having more “Poodle” in the mix and puppies that are least likely to shed. These are what those with severe allergies issues tend to want. But, not any F1b will do for those people. Because within an F1b litter only a percentage will have that curly Poodle-type coat. I’ve found it’s about 30% of an F1b litter with the curly Poodle coat and the other 70% have coats like a normal F1 Cavapoo, which is can be a variation of wavy-ness.

Within this litter it looks like Lovey (purple collar) and Sweetie (pink collar) are the curlier girls. Where Honey (the apricot) and Babe (yellow collar) have variations of the F1 coat. No matter what they have, they’ll all be gorgeous dogs!❤️

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    I am interested in more information on these lil girls and where are you located?

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