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I’ve been back and forth on this decision so many, many times. And it still breaks my heart to make it. But I’m making Journey available to an approved home. (He is not free).

I love him to bits! He’s just been an easy, sweet puppy. I don’t remember the last time he had an accident in the house (when he was just a wee pup). He’s crate trained, although he still moans about it during the day. At night he will sleep quietly, but as soon as he hears someone up and about in the morning, he does get a little vocal. So we work on “wait” a lot. (Wait, means sit down and calm down). Wait and settle before I open your crate door. Wait and stop wiggling before you go in the crate for food. Wait at the back door  (I release his “wait” with”Okay!”) before you enthusiastically bound in the door. “Wait” before we go out front to run around with your friends.

Granted, he still is a puppy and has a lot left to learn, but he’s a good puppy. He’s fine with other dogs, large and small. Loves exploring the front yard when I’m out doing chores, feeding horse and chickens or working in the garden. Although he stays on the outside of the garden or he would be tearing through my raised beds and other plants. He hasn’t been raised around children, but I think he would love some of his own. A fenced yard is a requirement for adoption.

When he’s inside he loves to dig through his big box of toys and drag them all over. But he’s also good about just chilling at my feet while I work at my desk. But of course, he’s still a puppy, so computer cords, and things you don’t want chewed on need to be out of his reach.

He still gets excited and wants to jump up for attention, but I use “off” and wait for him to quietly sit down before he gets loved on. So he has silly puppy moments, but he’s such a sweet boy. He’ll let me hold him on his back, usually squirming at first, and then settles for a belly rub and a kiss.

He’s finished his puppy vaccinations (although I do minimal vaccinations) including his first one-year rabies and has had two exams from the vet. He is AKC registered, but won’t come with papers and he is available as a pet/companion only and not for breeding. He will be microchipped before leaving. He is still intact and will need to be neutered, but I recommend waiting until he is a year old as he needs those hormones for growth and development. He about seven and one half months old at this time.

But why am I rehoming a beautiful, healthy, super sweet puppy that has my heart? Well, he is perfect in almost every way except he has a slight underbite. When I saw the bite as a puppy, I had hope it would correct itself as he grew, but it has not. A slight underbite is not a big deal unless you want to use that dog for breeding more purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels someday, which was my plan. I wanted to keep him so badly especially since he is sweet Joy’s son and the amazing Dickens grandson. (Dickens will retire soon and Journey would’ve stepped in to replace him in the “father” department). And that’s why I’ve decided to let him go to another home as an amazing pet. And yes, I will cry when he leaves.

And now for some Journey spam❤️

If anyone is seriously interested please fill out our puppy applications on the website and put Journey’s name in the puppy section.

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