Oh my stars!

Poppy’s cuties are six weeks old today! How did that happen? Their forever families are anxiously counting down the days until they get to pick-up their puppy and take it home.

And I’ve got a lot of work to do between now and then getting the puppies ready!

They are doing really well having meals in their crate together. Eventually, they’ll be eating in individual crates. Mom is having longer breaks away from them, but still very much wants to hang out with her pups.

I’m hoping to have their first excursion outside this week, but it’s been very hot. Yesterday we had a high of 101°! Some people might be surprised we get temps that high in the Pacific Northwest, but August sometimes throws that high heat at us. So we’re just trying to keep the humans and animals cool and hydrated during those times. The end of the week is supposed to cool down thankfully.

The pups enjoy playtime. It doesn’t seem to matter what new toy or obstacle I introduce they dive right in!

And here they are in all their cuteness!


4# 10 oz


4# 4 oz


4# 12 oz


4# 5 oz


4# 4 oz




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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    Love the background and decorations for these photos!!

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