Here they are!

Here are our sweet, little Aussiedoodles!  They were four weeks yesterday. They’re still fairly small, in fact they’re weighing less than Sally’s petite pups at the same age! They starting nosing around in mom’s food dish at just three weeks which is early. Although I’m not sure how much they’re actually eating and they seem to “wear” most of the food! I’m guessing once they are weaned from mom and tucking into the puppy food that we might see some bigger weight gains and growth. That sometimes happens.

When I pulled their bed out yesterday to change collars, trim toenails and weigh them, they started crawling all over the place. Little adventurers!

“Panther” (yellow collar~female)

1# 13 oz

“Bison” (red collar~male)

2# 1 oz

“Bear” (orange collar~female)

2# 5 oz

“Lynx” (blue collar~female)

1# 8 oz

“Wolf” (green collar~male)

1# 11 oz

“Fox” (pink collar~female)

1# 12 oz

“Rabbit” (purple collar~female)


These puppies are available to anyone interested as we do not have a regular Aussiedoodle waiting list. But we do have a few people sending applications already and its first come, first serve (pick). If you are interested don’t wait!❤️

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