In and out, up and down

That is my life nowadays. I’m up and down the stairs with Poppy’s puppies and in and out the doors taking them outside and bringing them back in. I’m still waiting for the calories I’m burning to burn some extra weight off myself! 😉

We got rain the other night and part of the next day which was wonderful after our scorching hot days the week before. Because of the drizzly, gloomy day, the pups were playing upstairs in the puppy room most of the day. Thankfully in the afternoon, the sun peeked out and the evening turned out really nice. So after dinner I took the pups outside for a potty break and some play time.

Look at that! I got four pups in one picture going potty as soon as I put them in the pen!

After potty time, comes play time!

It was the perfect evening to sit and relax and watch the puppies play.

Mornings after breakfast, I’m trying to get them outside for a potty break. They’ve learned quickly that it’s potty time when I take them out. It was a beautiful day with mild temperatures so I left them to play all morning while I did chores and other things. Hubby set up the canopy over the top of the pen for shade (although it wasn’t hot) and protection.

Before lunch I loaded them up and we headed to the barn for our photo shoot.






Farm fresh and looking adorable!

After the photo shoot they “helped” me in the garden. I carefully walked around with five puppies underfoot trying to harvest my veggies. They were so “helpful”….not!

My youngest came out to help me carry them all back inside.

We took them back upstairs to have lunch in their crates. They were hungry with all the morning’s activities. But they were also tired so it was a great time for a nap and some quiet time in the puppy pen.

Busy times!


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