Can I keep them all?

Sally’s F1b Cavapoo girls are six weeks old today? Wait, what?! How did that happen? It always amazes me how quickly puppies go from birth to ready for their new homes. Thankfully, I still have almost three weeks with these cuties, as they will go home the 17th which is a day before they turn nine weeks old.

They love sleeping in their soft bed in their crate and are using their litter boxes like pros. Mama Sally has let us know that it’s time to start the weaning process. So every night her mom walks down the hill (they are our nearest neighbors) and picks her up for a slumber party at home. The “girls” only fussed a few minutes the first night that Sally didn’t sleep with them. Sally spends time with them throughout the day and I’m giving them soaked puppy food too. But I can see them becoming independent little creatures and blossom. They’re such sweet babies.

“Honey” 💜AVAILABLE 💜

“Lovey” ❤️CHOSEN❤️

“Sweetie” ❤️CHOSEN❤️


Lovey and Sweetie have been matched with two wonderful families. Believe it or not, Honey and Babe are still looking for their forever homes. Please email me at if you are seriously interested in one of them.

They had fun going outside to the garden this morning after breakfast to have a potty break and a little play time.

And then after lunch they enjoyed playing upstairs in the puppy room.



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