We’ve been busy!

The last week or so before a litter goes home is always so busy! They are growing and learning and we’re trying to do as much as possible to get them ready for their new families. And the puppies are now super active, love attention, love to play and can make quite the mess! The other day I went upstairs and they’d had themselves an art class. Think finger-painting….with paws….with…..poop (someone just missed the litter box). So yeah, the pups keep me pretty busy!

They’ve play inside on rainy days and used their litter boxes and on nice days gone outside after eating to potty and have play time. They’ve explored the garden and “helped” water and pick vegetables. They’ve practiced eating together in their crates and on our own. We’ve had practice with the noisy, buzzing clippers, had their bodies, feet, ears, mouths and eyes handled while on the “grooming” table. We have individual time together and introduced the smaller soft carrier with lots of treats. They’ve experience rain sprinkles and a small swimming pool.

We had our first car ride and trip to the vet where they each got a thorough exam and lots of loves and used their litter box in the back of the truck before they got back in their crates for the drive home. The doctor said she loves when my puppies come in because she knows they’ll be good to handle and exam.

We’ve had a busy week and a few more days of lots to do before the puppies meet their forever families.

And if anyone is interested, Miss Independence is still looking for her “forever” as her family’s plans changed.


Independence (AVAILABLE)





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