I’m behind because our little Aussiedoodles turned five weeks old two days ago. I usually try to post weekly pictures on their “birth” day, but it’s been a crazy week! They are just as cute as can be and some still staying on the smaller side so far. Who knows, maybe a lot will take after their little Poodle mom size-wise, after all. Time will tell.

They love digging into their soaked puppy food and still are very messy eaters, wearing some of their food. Mom’s milkshakes are still  their favorite food. They are playing and engaging with one another and getting more active. They use their litter box really well too.

They are definitely outgrowing their living room puppy pen, so they’ll be moving upstairs soon so they have more space and a better play area. In fact, I gave honey a “to-do” list for Sunday when I’m gone delivering Poppy’s puppies. He will be switching things around in the puppy room, cleaning and moving Sasha and her babies upstairs for me.

“Panther” (yellow collar-female)

2# 5 oz

“Bison” (red collar-male)

3# 1 oz

“Bear” (orange collar-female)

3# 3 oz

“Lynx” (blue collar-female)

2# 1 oz

“Wolf” (green collar-male)

2# 3 oz

“Fox” (pink collar-female)

2# 5 oz

“Rabbit (purple collar-female)

2# 10 oz

We still have room on the waiting list for these puppies as they have not been matched yet! Please contact us asap if you are interested in pricing and information.❤️





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