Bittersweet good-bye

Today we said farewell to Poppy’s loves. It’s so fun handing them over to excited families who have been anticipating this day! This is one of my favorite parts of raising puppies. The smiles on the all the faces is is incredible!

Stars now Reggie

Independence now Penny

America now Tonx

Freedom now Zoe

And Stripes now Charlie

But it was also a bittersweet day because we also said good-bye to my sweet little buddy, Journey. But his new mom was so excited to get him and promised to give us updates to share with everyone because we know Journey has a fan club.

S.T.R.E.T.C.H…He was very relaxed and comfy in his new crate.

Another fun twist to the day was, Independence’s new family, adopted Shiloh’s brother from me a year and a half ago. This would be Journey’s big brother (same parents, previous litter). So Journey got to meet his big brother, Finn!

And, America and Stripes are going to be seeing a lot of each other as their families are friends and neighbors!

What a special day we had!

Hubby actually went along on this trip (his sister watched the pups at home) because after puppy delivery we went to see some of my family who were visiting in Idaho 🙂 So it was an extra special day!

Happy life, puppies!❤️


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