Two more weeks

Sally’s puppies are seven weeks old today, which means we only have about two more weeks to spend with them. They’re such little darlings!

They had some outside time this morning after breakfast. We had gotten some rain last night so the toys were wet. But that didn’t stop Honey from climbing on the big bed and playing in the water puddle!

But since it started to rain and did on and off throughout the day, we came back inside to play until lunch time.

After lunch we headed back outside to do puppy pictures in the barn. Usually we have the big dog following the wagon and peeking in on the puppies. But the horses were out grazing in the yard, and Jester, true to his nature was the nosey one today.

After pics the pups went back inside to play. I also set a smaller play areas up next to Sally’s pups for Sasha’s pups. The older pups were so intrigued with the young ones next door. They wanted to get in there with them so badly!

And for their “portraits”

Honey ❤️

Lovey ❤️

Sweetie ❤️

Babe ❤️



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  1. Ahuva sarfati says:

    Babe has the yellow collar correct?? She is so adorable

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