Journey update

I know Journey has many fans including his biggest, me! So I thought I’d share an update from his new family.

“Journey’ First Night

Good morning Jennifer!

I wanted to let you know we made it home last night with no problems.  Journey did terrific on the ride – he settled right in and didn’t complain at all.  We stopped a couple of times for him (and us) to stretch our legs, snd he made friends with a couple of other dogs who were travelling with their families too.  🙂

We got home and he met my husband (Izzy) and Zoe, our doxie.  Zoe isn’t a big fan at this point, but I have no doubt she’ll do fine.  She has let him know she’s the boss, and he’s trying not to bug her.  lol  He spent some time in a pen we put in the living room and they could check each other out a bit.

He settled right down…inspected the toys we have, and we played with those for awhile, using up some energy.

He fell asleep around 10 last night, and slept through the night…with little movement.

This morning he climbed up with Izzy and they snuggled.  We went for a nice walk this morning and he enjoyed checking out all the new smells and sights.

He ate well, and seems to be doing well.  We are so thrilled!!

Thank you again. 😍

I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you.  Have a fantastic day!!”


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  1. Vicki says:

    Jennifer sounds like you found the perfect family for Journey. I am sure he is loving his new home.

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