And some little puppy updates

I’ve heard back from some of Poppy’s puppies families and how they did on the ride home and the first night or so. Some of the pups have new doggie siblings at home to get used to also.

From Independence, now Penny’s family….”Thanks for raising Penny so well for us! She’s settling in well it seems so far.
Finn wants to play with her, but hasn’t learned that he has to be more gentle with her and not play so rough. Penny is doing okay in her play pen, she definitely barks and whines sometimes, but I let her out sometimes to play or to be held after she’s settled down. The drive was long, but we did it. Got home safely and Finn slept shortly after we got home because he was so tuckered out from the day. I am trying to have the cuddle puppy in the playpen with Penny for night time, but she doesn’t seem to want to cuddle with it quite yet. Maybe as she settles in more? It’s only been a day, but we already love her and especially her and Finn together. Below I have some photos from the drive home and today. Thanks again Jennifer!

Penny and Finn in the car before we headed home! They were very intrigued by each other.

Me holding her at one of our potty breaks for her.

Penny sleeping in a funny way on the drive home.

Finn and Penny spending time together while she was in her play pen while I was at work. Thankfully my mom and dad were both here today with them. They are definitely going to be inseparable one day. I’m hoping soon! Only time will tell. 🙂 ”


From Stripes now Charlie’s mom….”The trip home was fine, and Charlie aka Stripes is a really sweet boy. ❤️ It’s obvious how much you’ve already worked with the puppies before they go home because Charlie seems to catch on to everything super quickly – that the backyard is where he should go potty, that if he sits quietly, we’ll pay attention to him, etc. Thank you for setting us up for success!”


From America now Tonks’s mom (who is friends with Charlies’ mom)…”The puppies did great on the way home. I think it really helped that they had each other. They even had their first play date today. Tonks did amazing last night too. Thank you for all the effort you put into the litter box training. It makes new parent lives so much easier.”


And from Freedom now Zoe’s mom (who by the way met my daughter-in-law at a rest stop on the way home as they were both traveling the same direction. Small world!………..

Hello Jennifer,

It was nice to meet you as well! Also I happened to run into one of your daughter-in-law at a rest station as I was giving Zoe a break.

Here is a picture of her at home.  She did alright in the car all things considering.

I’m so thankful all these puppies went to amazing homes! ❤️


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