Camp Pinewood

The last two litters (Poppy’s and now Sally’s) have worn the play spot down in the garden. There were too many holes and dirt exposed, so I decided to move the play area. I spent a good portion of the morning moving exercise pens, toys, water dishes and the canopy.

And I set up two areas, so the Aussiedoodles could join the fun!

I decided to call it Camp Pinewood (and made a video about it) 😉

The area is  still in the garden, just under another apple tree, closer to the gate. Between the apple tree and the canopy, they have lots of protection and shade. Plus the big dogs hang out near them when the pups are outside.

After I got everything set up and the puppies moved outside, I took my breakfast (brunch actually, by the time I get it) outside to eat and watch the pups play.

Here comes the first bus load of campers!

Let’s add another group of campers; the Aussiedoodles!

Sasha came to visit the pups while they were outside.

“Hey, where’s our milkshakes?”

Yep, she’s past due for a haircut! Shaggy girl.

They played themselves out!

Camp Pinewood is a busy place!

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  1. Ahuva says:

    Awesome so cute. Can’t wait to get her home to our camp too. Got to see her yellow collar in a few pictures. Hey Babe we are waiting for you

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