A busy day!

Yesterday morning, the girls went outside to play after finishing breakfast in their crates. I wanted to make sure they had plenty of time outside in the fresh air getting lots of exercise. Because just after lunch we had to load up in the truck and head into town to our vet appointment for puppy exams.

When the time came, I loaded the girls into their crate and off we went. The drive is a bit over an hour and I didn’t hear a peep out of them. They settled right down for their first car ride.

We made it safely. Now waiting for the doctor to come in and start exams.

It’s Honey’s turn first.

Next it was Lovey.

You can see she’s terrified…lol

“Doctor can you rub my belly, please?”

Then it was Sweetie’s turn.

And last, but not least, time for Babe’s exam.

After we were finished, the pups had a potty break, two at a time in the back of the truck before we loaded back into the crate.

I drove through the local coffee shop for a cool drink on the way home. The barista, who I know climbed on the window counter and leaned over to see the pups in their crate. She oohed and aahed over the girls.

The drive home is also beautiful

But the commuter traffic was sketchy…lol. Can you see the turkeys?

The greeting committee when we got home.

I let them out in the garden to potty, play and have dinner after their long drive. They were just amazing the whole day! Such good girls! ❤️

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