The puppies have been practicing. We’re practicing being on a table and getting our body handled. Checking ears, eyes, teeth, feet and other parts. These exercises will all help when puppy goes to the vet or groomer or just being handled at home. And new puppy parents need to keep doing these things. Also getting used to being brushed and the noise and vibration of the clippers too.

it’s a bit awkward to show you what we do with one hand and try to take a picture. But I’m sure you get the point.

We use cheese as a treat for making these procedures rewarding.

We are practicing riding around in the soft carrier. Because a couple of these puppies are traveling home in an airplane with their new owners and we want them to be used to the smaller carrier. I’ve used a piece of yak cheese as a special treat the pups get to munch on when they’re in the carrier. That’s the only place they get this special treat, so they have been diving into the carrier. They also dive back out

We’ve been practicing eating meals in our crates so we know it’s a happy place and good things happen there.

We’ve also been practicing sleeping in a crate with a soft blanket so we know it’s our bed and sleeping place.

We’ve been practicing going outside to potty after meals so we know the appropriate place to relieve ourselves. And when we’re inside and mom is busy and doesn’t see we need to go outside, we know our litter box is an appropriate place to go potty too.

Practice, practice, practice!

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  1. Ahuva says:

    Wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for all the love and all the care in such practical ways. Can’t wait to meet you in person

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