Yesterday was puppy delivery day for Sally’s pups. Although we only had two go home yesterday; Honey and Sweetie. Babe’s mom couldn’t come until Tuesday. Although I like when the whole litter goes home at the same time, sometimes we have to make some adjustments to the delivery schedule. And Lovey is staying until next Sunday for a special reason (more on that later).

But before puppies went home, I met with our “Pinewood Retirement Home” crew; friends who are like family. They have adopted several of our retiring Cavaliers over the years and on this day they were taking my sweet Joy home. As much as it pained me to let her go, I knew she would have the best life with them. And I can only manage so many dogs at my house. They also have our Rosie who retired a couple years ago, and Joy’s littermate sister, Glory. I had asked them to bring Glory with them so Joy would feel more comfortable.


Joy was so excited to see her sister!

As hard as it is too say good-bye, Joy will be so, so loved!

Honey’s parents drove all the way from Canada to pick up their little darling, who they are thinking of continuing to call Honey.

They were so please to finally meet and hold her. She will have a great life with them.

Sweetie’s mom fly in from across the country, but wasn’t able to get in until around noon, so Sweetie and I met her at the terminal.

Waiting for her mom.

I had to catch the first look when her mom saw Miss Sweetie.


I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight!

One of the ticket agents came over to meet Sweetie too.

Happy life, puppies!❤️

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  1. Ahuva says:

    So wonderful to see all the happy families. At the airport on the way to pick up Babe

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