A fun update!

I recently received a fun update from our friend Katharine and her amazing dog, Toby!

Today was Toby’s first day of visiting at the hospital. He wagged his tail for a full hour and a half responding to all the people telling him how sweet he is! Below he is with Audrey, a nurse in the infusion clinic, who knew Karisto and Philia. (Actually I’ve known Audrey since she was a little girl at Neskowin Valley School!)

Toby surpassed my expectations for his calmness and eagerness to interact with people. I was so glad to be back doing what I LOVE after a full 3.5 year hiatus.

Shadow was very good while we were gone and kept Goody company. He was very curious sniffing trying to figure out  just where Toby had been all morning.

We’re so grateful that Pet Partners came into existence so that we can carry out this fun “work.!”




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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    I hope other Pinewood puppy parents consider their dogs for Pet Partner therapy work. The calm temperaments, size, and non-shedding make them perfect for cheering patients. Please share my contact information with anyone who would like to learn more about this volunteer work.
    Thank you, Jennifer, for giving Toby his positive start in life so he’d be successful being a therapy dog.

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