A lot of miles

I’ve been putting in a lot of miles lately! Besides doing puppy duty (and when I’m gone hubby steps in), the past week or so has been extra busy.

A week ago today, my friend and I drove south of Spokane to pick up my new horse. I’d love to share his story sometime if anyone is interested in hearing about a horse instead of dogs on the blog.

Then Sunday was puppy delivery day as I mentioned in a previous blog post.

Tuesday was another puppy delivery day as I handed off Babe to her new mom at the airport.

Wednesday we had the vet appointment for the Aussiedoodles.

Thursday was dog class again with Cajsa. (more on that later)

Today, I’m home but have an appointment with the horse masseuse for the new equine.

Sunday starts again with another trip to Spokane for Aussiedoodle delivery. And then another trip on Tuesday for one puppy who couldn’t make it Sunday.

There are still two sweet, Aussiedooodles girls available too so there may be more trips in the works for me!

Happy weekend everyone!❤️

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