At the vet

Yesterday we were at the vet once again for puppy check-ups! With seven fuzzy puppies I used two crate to give them plenty of room. And since Sweetie is still here she  went along for the ride too.

Sometimes pups settle right down in the vehicle and other times they fuss a bit. So if there is fussing, I turn on the classical music and used a bit of Rowe Casa Organics Doggie Calming Spray to settle them down. It’s pretty normal for pups to fuss on their first car ride and then quiet down.

Once we arrived at the vet and checked in, I had time to get them out of the crates for a quick potty break before we went inside to see the doctor.

I took one crate at a time in while the others waited in the truck. The weather was nice, so no worries about anyone getting too warm.

First it was Panther’s turn.

Then it was Lynx’s turn

Sweetie supervising from the crate

Then Miss Bear got her exam.

Then it was Wolfie’s turn.

Rabbit was next.

Then our other boy, Bison had his turn.

And last but not least, it was Fox’s turn.

They were all so good for their check-ups and passed with flying colors!❤️

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