Another class

Cajsa and I had our third practice class for the Community Canine Good Citizenship on Thursday. We all met at the only building in town with an elevator! Small towns are unique for sure!

We continued our practice of properly going through doors. There are three options to teach your dog; sending them ahead of you through a doorway, having them wait and then calling them through after you or having them in the “heel” position and going through next to you.

We practiced sits and downs in the main hallway as customers for the local bank came in and out and passed the dogs.

We practiced leaving our dog and going out of site (into the bathroom) to make sure they weren’t anxious about us leaving them.

We also went into the bank and stood at one of the counters and pretending like we were doing business. The dogs must calming lay down or sit next to the handler.

Then it was time to head upstairs via the elevator, two dogs at a time. Once everyone was upstairs we practiced more things like leave your dog, walking the long hallway and calling them to us. Of course, the teacher always likes to leave a toy or stinky lunchmeat in the way as a distraction.

There was more practice of sit/stay and down/stay in tighter quarters, with alternate dogs doing one or the other.

And instead of taking the elevator back down, we did the stairs. Dogs should walk slightly behind or next to the handler and not pull them down the stairs!

We waited for everyone back in the main lobby.

Then we headed out to Main Street and walked down the sidewalk to a little outdoor cafe area. Here we practiced sitting at the table with our dog next to us and eating a snack. Sometime dogs want to beg or sniff at the food but they need to stay on the dog or sit quietly near or under the table. Learning good manners in public is important.

This week we’ll finish up class with our test. Hopefully all the dogs will pass!



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