More deliveries

The first of our Aussiedoodle puppies went home yesterday!

It was a beautiful morning for the drive to Spokane.

Once we arrived, the puppies had a break in the back of the truck to get some wiggles out and go potty.

Cajsa went to so we could practice more of her obedience skills out in public. I’ll share more about what we did in another post.

When the families all gathered, the pups were put back into the crate with some food to eat while the humans talked.

Then it was time to hand out some cuteness!

Lovey now Kiki waited until today to go home because …..

Her family was also taking home Wolf! (who will be keeping his name)

And Wolf and Sweetie’s family shared with their friends about our available Aussiedoodles, so Bison (now Abu) went with their friends. And the brothers will be able to continue seeing each other.

And lastly our sweet Bear, now named Poppy with her new family.

And we had to get a group pictures too!

Happy life, puppies!

Once Cajsa and I got home that evening, I took the four remaining girls out to the garden to play and explore.

“Hi, dad!”

They kept escaping through the fence

I finally got them rounded up and put in the exercise pen so I could take them inside. But I wonder what they’re thinking about that silly dog in front of them. heehee

Happy puppies!

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