Training for the test

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Cajsa went with me to Spokane to deliver puppies on Sunday. I’m trying to get more practice sessions in on her for her upcoming test on Thursday.

We practiced a bit of basic obedience in the parking lot before we met with the puppy families. Then after we were all finished and everyone had gone their separate ways, Cajsa and I loaded in the truck to head out.

But first, I did some searching for pet friendly stores in Spokane to visit. There is an app called “Bring Fido” where you can search your area, city or town for pet friendly stores, restaurants and hotels. It’s a great resource for dog owners and also for new puppy owners. It will give you ideas of places to take your puppy out socializing in dog friendly environments.

I found several and picked out some in the general vicinity of where we would be traveling towards home.

The first was The General Store. I’ve been in this store a few times but didn’t know they were pet friendly. And the employees were so welcoming! There was a man at the entrance with a jar of dog cookies ready to great any canine friends!

We wandered through the store, practiced sit/stays, down/stay, wait/come, met some people and a strange looking big foot/zombie (?), went up and down the stairs and whatever else I could think of. She sometimes doesn’t like to wait or stay and tends to get up and follow me or move before she is released from the position so we did a lot of those types of exercises throughout the afternoon at different stores.

Next we stopped at Lowe’s

We practiced more of the same exercises, saw some weird halloween decorations.

Our next stop was At Home

We did more regular practice exercises and saw some different items; small statues, Mr Claus, and a German Shepherd in the mirror 😉 I tested out a couple comfy chairs while Cajsa waited and she tested out a moving cart. It wiggled a bit when she got on, but she still stepped up and sat down when I asked her too.

And lastly, instead of going to Home Depot we visited Petsmart. Now, I wouldn’t recommend new puppy owners taking their puppies to a pet store until they are fully vaccinated. But no worries with a fully vaccinated dog.

We did a bit of practice and wandered through the store but didn’t stay as long since we were both getting tired. It was time to get home and play with puppies!

Good job, Cajsa!

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4 Responses to Training for the test

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    I’m sure she’ll pass with flying colors! You two are ready!!
    “Break a leg.”

  2. Susan Redmond says:

    Hi Jennifer! You are one great dog mom! What a fabulous idea! Thanks for the app suggestion. The pictures were terrific. What a good dog Cajsa is, but how could she not be with such a terrific mom!

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