Still looking for their forevers with a pupdate

We still have two Aussiedoodle girls looking for their forever families! Their adoption fee has been drastically reduced. You won’t find this quality of a puppy with as much time and love invested for this amount of dollars anywhere. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. I’m needing to get them in their forever homes ASAP and I need to go visit my dad. <3

And if you happen to be in Central California we are headed that way in about a week and can bring a puppy with if you can meet in the Modesto area to pick up your puppy.

The girls are nine weeks old, using a litter box and when the weather’s nice going outside to potty. (We’ve had loads of heavy rain lately). They have been dewormed, had a stool sample checked, had their first puppy vaccination and a thorough check-up by our vets.

They are both sweet, playful, happy girls with big cuddle factor! I’m guessing they’ll mature in the 20 lb range.

For those just hearing about these pups, mom is a purebred mini Poodle (who loves to climb fences, hence the unexpected litter of pups!) and dad is a very charming purebred mini Australian Shepherd.

Please reach out via email at or phone if you have questions 509-675-4887. If you’re serious about a puppy, here is the link to our application.

Adoption Form-part 1

Panther (yellow collar)πŸ’›

Rabbit (purple collar)πŸ’œ

And for those wondering if this mix is the right one. Let me share an update from Bear (now Poppy’s) mom!🧑

“Hi Jennifer, 
The trip home went better than expected. We took Poppy to lunch with my nephew and we ate at Italia Trattoria, which I highly recommend as they have a large outdoor space. Poppy got to do some bonding with all of us during lunch before the long trip home. I bought one of these dog carriers pictured below and she settled right in. It is going to be great to help keep her off the ground and keep my hands free for the first 16 weeks. She sat in the pink swaddler during the whole lunch and never said a word. She did cry a little bit each time we stopped on the way back to Seattle but she settled down after about 10 minutes. 
Our first night at home was trial and error, I am in an apartment so if she cries, I eventually have to get her up. She slept until 3am and wouldn’t go back to sleep, so I got her up and fed her a little bit as she didn’t finish all her dinner while traveling. She went right back down until 5am when I had to get up. She ran work errands with me today and sat in her pink satchel while we walked through the stores. She saw lots of new people and experienced many loud sounds at the hardware store and from the garbage truck, oh my!
I took her home at lunch and put her in her day area and she laid right down and didn’t look up to see me leave. I have a pen that is about 5’x5′ with the litter tray, so we’ll see how she does for 4 hours. I’m pretty sure she is going to sleep most of the time, she was exhausted from the last 24 hours.
She is super sweet and she reminds me of a cat how she pounces on her toys and jumps at being scared of her tail! Today she saw herself in a mirror, she jumped back, pounced forward and then barked! She is a really sweet girl and really smart, and she is already responding to positive feedback as I give her tiny pieces of string cheese for praise for good behavior. And she likes to roll over on her back so you will pet her belly! Ha!

Thanks again, I’m really happy and glad I didn’t wait for a Cavapoo! :)”


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  1. Casey Riffe says:

    what’s the current adoption fee for these cuties? I’m considering…they are so very cute.

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