A pupdate I received from Sweetie’s mom a couple days after puppy delivery day. And after they flew all the way home to New York!
“Hey Jennifer! I meant to send the following last night, but just realized it didn’t go through. I think there were too many pictures, so I’ll try to send them separately —
It was so nice to meet you (and Kaia Jade fka Sweetie 😍) on Sunday too!! Thank you for the pictures, they’re so precious, and she is an absolute dream 🙂
The trip home went as smoothly as I could’ve asked for it to! She pottied 4x in her litter box, which I set up in family bathrooms, changing rooms etc. She got acquainted with her own reflection, and was almost completely silent on the flight, just a few whimpers that stopped when I opened the carrier and pet her a bit. Between the blanket and yak you gave me, and the snuggle puppy I brought, I think she felt pretty comfortable in there, which was a relief for us both.
Yesterday (Monday) we both completely crashed and napped for half the day – the red eye left us wiped. She still managed to essentially sleep through the night, save a bit of 5am whimpering after she politely pooped in her litter box. After a few cuddles she was back asleep in her playpen, and we didn’t get up until 9am.
The vet today (Tuesday) went smoothly, she was a hit among the staff, and the vet gave her a brief wellness exam – listened to her heartbeat, felt her belly, etc – all is well. She had a good time riding in the cart around the pet store and making friends, and got acquainted with her downstairs playpen when we got home. Her whimpering, barking and crying when we close the playpen is improving somewhat,  though it’s hard to hear her sound so sad.
She is an absolute dream. Thank you for raising such a wonderful girl! I’ll send the pictures separately, and more updates along as I keep getting to know her 🙂

And a ten week old picture


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