Pupdate~Florence (formerly Sabrina)

Aww…another sweet “pupdate”. This adorable girl was Sabrina from our Charlie’s Angels litter.


Thank you for raising the best, sweetest, and most confident puppies. Florence has been everything I dreamed of and more. She is so sweet, loves everyone, confident, sassy, makes her needs known, smart, loyal, and just the greatest bundle of love. She loves going to doggy day care when I go to work. She has so many dog friends at daycare. We always get stopped when we are out together because everyone wants to greet her. She loves riding in the car and loves going everywhere. I take her to happy hour, shopping, and everywhere I can. She is so affectionate and loves to cuddle but also loves to play independently and could go on a walk forever.

She is a great hiker too. We went on a few hikes over the summer and she did better than me! She is my little friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She has such a wonderful temperament and sometimes she is too smart and confident for her own good. 😉

Thanks for this special gift.”



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