Saturday snapshots

A few pictures from out day 😀

I forgot I had this pen set up. It was perfect to plop them in while I got their big pen ready. Zuma stays close to the puppies

All clean and ready for puppies!

“Are you sure I can’t have more cheese, mom?”Time to feed the horses

Boone is looking better. And had his second massage yesterday. The is my nosey, into everything, goofy boy. His nose is very kissable💋

The flowers showing their vibrant colors!Hi, Zuma! (For those who don’t know, Zuma is Bulgarian LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) called a Karakachan. But the family and the puppies are her “livestock” to protect. These are an heirloom tomato called a Spoon Tomato because they are so tiny so can get a whole bunch on a spoon! They take a while to pick, as you can imagine. But they’re bursting with flavor!A bundle of cuteness coming back inside. Later at grandma’s house I caught Sally napping on her mom’s lap. ❤️


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