Double pupdate!

I still have some updates to share that people have sent to me over the summer. So be prepared for some sweet updates this week!

“Hi Jennifer-
Just thought I would share the two dogs I got from Pinewood.
Louie, who was Joey from Rosie & Clancy( The Friends litter) born Oct 2018 and Penny who was Charity from Smudgie & Sundae( she was the only one in her litter) born May 2020.
These two dogs are the best.  They will go and do whatever activity we are doing or they don’t mind just handing out all day.  All our neighbors are jealous that we have such well behaved dogs.  They are extremely smart.  My husband and I have to spell all the time as they know
all the words that have to do with fun or food.
You have raised wonderful dogs.  I could go on and on about how great these dogs are.
Thanks Jennifer for raising such wonderful animals.
Here is a picture of them.  Louie is the larger dog who weighs 35lbs and Penny is much smaller at 14lbs.”


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