Special delivery and Aussiedoodle update!

We took a trip to visit family for a few days and made a special delivery along the way. Precious little Lynx was the perfect, long-distance travel companion. She did so well!

Thank goodness for litter box training. Lynx had breaks in the back of the truck to use the litter box for potty times. SnugglesSuch a great little traveler!

Munching on her yak cheeseA driving lesson (*wink, wink*) at a rest stop.

And her family was so excited to meet her! They had lost their older dog recently and wanted a new family companion and buddy for their other dog.

Lynx is now Harley.

And, the dad did not know about this special delivery. So mom and daughter met us outside their house while they sent hubby off to get ready “to go out to eat” as a distraction. I asked them to please let me know how the surprise went and later received this text message.

“My husband fell in love with her! He started crying when he saw her.”

And I’m happy to report our last two Aussiedoodle pups; Rabbit and Panther have been matched with very excited families! We’ll share their deliveries later as they’re staying a few more days with us. And while we visited family, my amazing SIL took care of our animal family at home. <3

And a bonus of driving early in the morning, was this beautiful sunrise we got to enjoy🙌Happy life, Lynx aka Harley!❤️


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