“Hi Jennifer

I love seeing your pupdates on the other pinewood pups so I thought I’d share a little something about Theo (previously “Pooh” from the Winnie The Pooh litter born Aug 10, 2019 to Clancy and Gracie).

Theo celebrated his 4th birthday yesterday with some quality family time, picked out his birthday present, ran at the dog park, then had some ice cream kibble. He became a big brother (to a human) in 2022, and while that was a big change for him, they really do have a special bond. His little human brother loves giving him kisses and actually “barks” to communicate with him. Over the years Theo has definitely preferred to just be in the company of his favourite humans than playing with other dogs – but he does love saying hi to other dogs when he is out on walks. He can get quite mischievous and naughty, but he is just as loving and sweet as he was the day we brought him home.

Here are some recent photos of Theo! Enjoy 🙂


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