The last two

We made a trip to visit family and my sweet sis-in-law stepped up once again to take care of all the animals (including Rabbit & Panther, who are leaving soon) while we were away.

We are both dealing with ailing parents, although mine is two states away and seems to be doing well and is content where he is. Unfortunately, my FIL is now under hospice care and my sis was also helping out at her parents house between animal chores. It wasn’t the most ideal time for us to leave, but it was planned and I really needed to visit my dad and help my brother deal with our old family home and everything in it (since my dad is now in an assisted living facility). But how do you go through seventy years and three generations of memories, knick-knacks and such? My grandparents bought the house when my dad was in high school!

But I digress….

The puppies were so good while I was away and my sis-in-law enjoyed their silliness and sweet cuddles.

Yesterday they romped and played and explored the back yard, which was a whole new experience for them. Usually their outdoor playtimes have been in the side yard or out in the garden.

Today Panther goes home. And Rabbit will leave Sunday. I’m sure they will miss each other❤️

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